About the COVID-19 Online Newsroom on EurekAlert!

The EurekAlert! COVID-19 online newsroom automatically aggregates news releases and multimedia related to COVID-19 and coronavirus in order to provide a centralized resource for reporters and members of the public.

All news releases included on this online newsroom have been deemed to meet our news release eligibility guidelines by the EurekAlert! editorial staff.

News releases in the Research category describe peer-reviewed research published by a scientific journal; research presented at a scientific meeting; and/or scientifically validated survey data or image analysis produced or vetted by a credible, recognized organization.

News releases in the Business, Society & Innovation category describe collaborations, mergers, or agreements between organizations; the start of a new clinical trial, a trial phase, or its results; the approval, licensing, or patenting of new products or technology; new datasets or resources for scientific research; and/or reports of new economic or financial developments in industries or organizations.

Multimedia featured in this online newsroom have been submitted by research organizations as part of a news release or independently. Please properly credit the owner and/or seek necessary permission prior to re-use.

EurekAlert! does not accept news releases describing preliminary, non-peer-reviewed research results or studies that have been posted solely to preprint servers. EurekAlert! and AAAS are not responsible for the accuracy of content submitted by contributing institutions or for the use of any information made available on the EurekAlert! platform.

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