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Login Help

If you are having trouble logging into EurekAlert!, the following checklist may help you identify and fix the problem.

Are you typing your username and password correctly?

In order to successfully log into EurekAlert!, your username and password must be typed correctly and with the proper capitalization. For example, if your password is "genetics" and you type "Genetics," you will not be able to log into EurekAlert!.

If you have forgotten your password, click here to have a new password sent to your e-mail address.

When you get a new password, close your browser and reopen it before trying to log in again. It's also a good idea to cut and paste the new password into the login form, rather than typing it, to avoid copying errors.

Will your browser accept the EurekAlert! user cookie?

EurekAlert! uses browser cookies to verify that you are a registered user. If the cookies in your browser have been disabled, you will not be able to log into EurekAlert!.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to "Tools->Internet Options" in the top menu and click on the "Privacy" tab. Then, click "Edit..." under "Web Sites." In the next form, type "" in the box and click on "Allow," then click "OK."

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, go to "Tools->Options" in the top menu, click on the "Privacy" icon, click on the "Cookies" tab, then make sure that the "Allow Sites to set cookies" box is checked.

If you are using Google Chrome, click on the wrench icon near the top right of the browser, then select "Settings" in the menu. At the bottom of the page, click on "Show Advanced Settings..." Find the "Privacy" section and click on the "Content Settings" button. Here, you may select "Allow local data to be set" if you want to give all websites permission to set cookies in your browser, or click "Manage Exceptions" to just allow EurekAlert! to set its cookie. If you choose to use "Manage Exceptions", type "" in the box, then select "Allow" in the menu.

If you are using a different browser, check your browser's help files to find instructions for enabling your cookies.

Is the clock / time zone information set correctly on your computer?

The browser cookies that EurekAlert! uses to verify user information have an expiration time. If your clock and time zone settings are set incorrectly, the site may think that your cookie has expired. To correct this, make sure that both the clock and the time zone on your computer are set to the correct local time.

Do you have firewall software running on your computer or local network?

Some firewall programs are set to block browser cookies. If you have firewall software running on your computer, check the settings to make sure cookies are allowed. If your computer is part of a local network, check with the network administrators to see if any software is running on the network that may be blocking cookies.

If you continue to be unable to log into EurekAlert! after checking these items, please contact EurekAlert! for assistance.