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FASEB SRC announces conference registration open for: Skeletal Muscle Satellite and Stem Cells

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

Bethesda, MD - The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) announces the opening of registration for the Science Research Conference (SRC): Skeletal Muscle Satellite and Stem Cells.

This conference will take place August 12-17, 2012 in Lucca, Italy. The aim of the conference is to highlight recent advances pertaining to the regulatory mechanisms of myogenic stem cell and progenitor cell populations (such as satellite cells) and their role in growth, regeneration, and therapeutics. This meeting represents the only conference that focuses exclusively on muscle satellite and stem cell populations. Sessions will address: epigenetic and post-transcriptional control of satellite cells, non-myogenic cells in muscle that influence satellite cell biology, biology of satellite cells in the head muscles, satellite cell quiescence, activation and self-renewal, the molecular control of myogenic lineage progression and differentiation, satellite cells in growth and hypertrophy, and satellite cells in aging and disease. Poster sessions will feature these and related topics. Importantly, the participants of this conference will represent interdisciplinary groups that will provide a comprehensive analysis and integration of recent discoveries for the field. The conference will provide collaborative interactions in an attempt to promote future advancements and translational initiatives directed toward the treatment and cure of patients with myopathic diseases.


Since 1982, FASEB SRC has offered a continuing series of inter-disciplinary exchanges that are recognized as a valuable complement to the highly successful society meetings. Divided into small groups, scientists from around the world meet intimately and without distractions to explore new approaches to those research areas undergoing rapid scientific changes.

In recent years, the SRC series has expanded into non-summer months. To better enhance the SRC series and allow for future expansion of conferences, FASEB's Office of Scientific Meetings and Conferences recently changed the SRC name from Summer Research Conferences to Science Research Conferences.

FASEB SRC has announced a total of 36 SRCs in 2012, spanning from June through October. To register for an SRC, view preliminary programs, or find a listing of all our 2012 SRCs, please visit

Additionally, in efforts to continue expanding the SRC series, potential organizers are encouraged to contact SRC staff at Proposal guidelines can be found by clicking "Submit a Proposal" on our website at

FASEB is composed of 26 societies with more than 100,000 members, making it the largest coalition of biomedical research associations in the United States. Celebrating 100 Years of Advancing the Life Sciences in 2012, FASEB is rededicating its efforts to advance health and well-being by promoting progress and education in biological and biomedical sciences through service to our member societies and collaborative advocacy.

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