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Regional differences in cover crops

Symposium presents latest research on cover crop use

American Society of Agronomy

What if rye cover crops could provide greater weed control? If incentive programs were changed, would that impact the use and effectiveness of cover crops? Are there more regional ways to manage cover crops? These questions and more will be discussed at the "Regional Differences in Cover Crops" symposium at the American Society of Agronomy and Crop Science Society annual meeting. This year's meeting will be held Nov. 4-7, 2018, in Baltimore, MD. The theme of the meeting is "Enhancing Productivity in a Changing Climate." The Canadian Society of Agronomy is also collaborating.

Symposium organizer and moderator Jodie Reisner says, "Sharing science can be challenging, but the annual meeting helps scientists stretch themselves in the arena of communication. The opportunities of oral, poster, and symposiums present a vast array of choices to share science."

Individual lecture titles and presenters are:

  • Predicted Performance in the Maryland Winter Cover Crop Program, Brian Davis, University of Maryland
  • Allelopathic Cereal Rye Breeding, Shannon Koss, North Carolina State University
  • Agronomic and Economic Impacts of Cover Crop Biomass Response to Plant Systems, Guillermo Marcillo, Iowa State University
  • Adapting Cover Crops to Annual Corn Cropping Systems in the Upper Midwest, James Eckberg, University of Minnesota
  • Effects of Cold Temperatures on Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation in Winter Annual Legume Cover Crops, Charlotte Thurston, University of Minnesota
  • Cover Crop Approaches in West Texas Cropping Systems, Partston Mubvumba, Texas A&M
  • Advantages of Binary Species Mixtures for Production of Cover Crops in a Maritime Climate, Derek Hunt, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada


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